Devon Sussex Chicken Coop House

Product Code: DE-CH
Brand: Chicken Houses
Weight: 5000g
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The Sussex chicken house has a unique look and has been specifically designed to give your hens' complete protection not only from pesky predators but also the wet and windy weather we so often experience.

A lot of thought has gone into the latest version of our popular Sussex Chicken House. We've increase the size by 15% and it now has an amazing 19.64 square feet of secure space in one practical and self contained coop.

We have also designed an extendable run that conveniently fits the Sussex. So you always have the option of easily increasing the size of the secure run - without any hassle or D.I.Y skills.

The long slanted felt free roof provides the perfect cover even in driving rain, keeping your hens and their food dry. This is one of the reasons why so many people have chosen the Sussex coop in the past.

The raised sleeping and laying area now has over 7.24 square feet of space which is big enough to hold up to 4 or 5 hens.

The large nesting box can be unbolted - a feature which allows you to conveniently access the internal housing area of the chicken house, making it quick and even easier for you to clean.

We've also increased the depth of the pull out tray so any bedding you place in it doesn't spill out when it is removed. The large door to the run and the smaller one to the raised housing area make all areas easily accessible.

The large nesting box provides a cosy area for your birds to lay. Its high position and lift up lid allows you to easily collect your eggs, without disturbing your hens.

Two thin slits above the nesting box provide the housing area with the all important draft free ventilation which is needed to keep your hens healthy.

Four mini Perspex windows allow lots of light into the internal area of the coop which will keep your hens happy.

The two large correctly designed and fully removable perches are purposely positioned high to encourage your hens to roost at night and not to sleep in the nesting boxes.

The Sussex coop has a clever door opening mechanism which allows the door to the run to be conveniently opened from the outside.

A handy little ramp allows your hens' easy access in and out of the housing area. It has been raised enough to give your birds more ground in which to scratch around in underneath, as well as keeping things dry.

We've also upgraded the protective mesh. All our coops and runs use strong chicken wire that is on average 50% thicker than the standard stuff found on many of the other online suppliers products.

Our chicken wire is set deep within the framework and not simply stapled on. This extra effort means that overall the Sussex is stronger and your hens should be much better protected.

The Sussex chicken house has been created by expert designers and manufactured by experienced carpenters. The workmanship that has gone into producing this coop for you is evident in the way it has been beautifully finished and the attention to detail.

All the woodwork has been jointed, sanded, glued, bolted and finished to the highest standards. The wood we use in this product is highly durable and scented softwood which is noted for its resistance to decay and rot.

The superb quality and beautiful design of the Sussex means that it will look fantastic in any garden, and is guaranteed to give you and your chickens many years of pleasure.


Over 19.8 square feet of safe and secure space - 15% more space for the same price.

Multiple access points make this chicken house quick and easy to clean.

The option to conveniently extend the run at any stage with very little hassle. If you want to keep your chickens permanently inside the run you can now simply extend the run

Specially designed slip off hinges allows you to remove the run door without tools - perfect if you intend to free range and want to give your hens unhindered access to the covered area of the run.

Heavy duty, waterproofed slanted roof keeps everything nice and dry, during even the foulest of weather conditions.

Ventilation slots which are situated above the perching height of your chickens - keeps your hens with a constant supply of draft free air.

Heavy duty wire mesh that is 50% thicker than your average supplier- this increase in quality and thickness makes the Sussex more safe for your hens.

The nesting box can be completely unbolted which makes it much easier and convenient to clean the internal housing area of the chicken house.

A pull out tray under the nesting area which makes cleaning the coop a quick and simple process.

Supplied flat packed and with clear instructions - for easy and quick construction. (35 - 45 minutes)

£319.00 inc. tax

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