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Point of Lay Chickens

If you need Buff Orpington Point of Lay Chickens in Plymouth, or you are based in Devon and Cornwall then Plymouth Poultry is your answer

Buff Orpington Point of Lay Chickens available in Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall

We are one of the only suppliers of Orpingtons in Plymouth, and we can deliver to Devon & Cornwall, these are birds which like to be free range. They have a tendency to go broody and therefore make great mothers. Their eggs are small and pinkish. 

  • Excellent domestic chickens and broody hens.
  • 180 pinkish eggs in first year.
  • Very nice looking large bird.

There are 4 standardised colours in the UK (Black, Buff, Blue and White) the Buff Orpington is one of the most popular varieties, the Blue and Black Orpington are the largest. They are heavy birds and carry a lot of fluffy feathering. The show strains have feathering that covers their legs, almost to their feet. There are still some utility Orpingtons around that look distinctively different (see photos of Buff Orpingtons for an example) but it is very hard to find strains that will lay more than about 160 eggs per year. These days, White Orpingtons are usually the best layers, some good strains laying up to 200 eggs per year. Orpington Hens usually go broody easily and make very good mothers.

Breeding Hints

Some exhibition males require their feathers trimming in order to allow successful mating.

If we are out of stock of this breed, please contact us as we will help you with your requirements.

To arrange to see these chickens before purchase please contact us, and we are more than happy to show you around

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